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Smile Gallery

Smile transformations are exciting! Nothing makes us happier than to see our patients' lives changed by improving the health and appearance of their smile. Take a moment to browse our patient gallery and discover what great dentistry can do for your smile!

Orthodontic Treatment

This particular patient was looking to close the gap between her two front teeth which is also known as a “diastema” and brighten her smile with whitening. By having Orthodontic and Whitening treatment this patient's smile is totally transformed. The results are amazing!

Whitening Treatment

Our patient could not of been happier with her results. Using our home whitening kit these results were achieved. “I love my results. I would recommend Breeze Dental to anyone who is thinking of having dental treatment. Thank you!”

Veneer Treatment

This gentleman wanted to brighten his smile, close the gap between his teeth then smooth the edges of his teeth. The final result created a natural and brighter appearance which made the patient very happy. We restored the front teeth with veneers creating a natural result.

Calculus Removal

If left untreated, plaque can harden to form what is known as tartar or calculus. Unfortunately, even the most diligent brush and floss will do nothing to remove calculus from the surface of your teeth. This patient was concerned about the appearance of her teeth, with scaling we were able to remove the build up these were the before and after results!

Composite Build Up's

This patient was unhappy with the chips on her front teeth. We placed white fillings on her teeth to restore their shape and appearance recreating their appearance. White fillings otherwise known as composite are a popular choice as they can match the shade, translucency and even the texture of your natural teeth.

Stain Removal

Nothing quite matches the look and feeling of clean teeth. Try as we may, even brushing your teeth doesn't seem to do the job - because no matter how well you brush stains can always build up from things like tea, coffee, red wine and smoking. These before and after stain removal photos really have transformed this patients smile and confidence.